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148Re: Vom Lamb 3 and 4

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  • tgrcat2001
    Oct 29, 2008
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      --- In cooking_rumpolt@yahoogroups.com, ranvaig@... wrote:
      > 3. Köpff kan man zum backen nemmen.
      > Head one can take to bake.
      > 4. Wenn die Köpff gesotten/ vnd voneinander geschlagen seyn/ so
      säuber sie auß/ welches/ so es geschehen/ so nim~ das Hirn daraus/
      zerrür es mit einem höltzern Löffel/ vnd nim~ gereibenen Weck
      darvnter/ auch etlich Eyerdotter vnd wolschmeckende Kräuter/ thu
      Gewürtz darein/ vnd mach es gelb oder nicht/ Mach darnach ein Teig
      mit Eyern an/ vnd nim~ nicht viel Mehl darzu/ so viel du zwischen
      zweyen Fingeren halten kanst/ so halten sich die Eyer fein
      beyeinander/ thu die Köpff darein/ vnnd backs auß/ wenn sie gefüllt
      > When the head has been cooked/ and is pulling apart/ then clean it
      out/ which/ so it happens/ so take the brain from it/ pull it with a
      wooden spoon/ and take grated Weck bread under it/ also several egg
      yolks and well tasting herbs/ put spices in it/ and make it yellow or
      not/ then mix a dough with eggs/ and take not much flour to that/ as
      much as you can hold between to fingers/ so the eggs hold themselves
      nicely close together/ put the head in it/ and bake (or fry)/ when it
      has been filled.

      a couple of minor quibbles:
      vnd voneinander geschlagen seyn
      you have
      and is pulling apart
      I would conjecture geschlagen means to hit/strike so perhaps and has
      been hacked appart (since Im not sure a head, even when cooked, would
      split in a way to let you access the brain without use of a hatchet
      or other hacking implement.)

      zerrür es mit einem höltzern Löffel
      you have
      pull it with a wooden spoon
      Im wondering if you are thinking of zerren which would be to tear or
      pull, but zerrür comes from rühren - to stir.

      zwischen zweyen Fingeren halten kanst
      should be
      hold between tWo fingers

      very nice!
      still hungry
      Gwen Cat
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