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1410[cooking_rumpolt] Re: Kalb 14 - boiled liver dumplings

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  • Sharon Palmer
    Mar 5, 2012
      These were from the rather difficult prose in the forward.
      etwz fruchtbarlichs bey jnen zu schaffen/ vn~
      also vmb die gantz Menschliche Gesellschafft/
      sich wol zu verdienen vnterstanden haben/
      besonders fürnemmes Lob/ vnnd zwar nicht
      vnbillich/ zugeschrieben.

      to create with them/ and thus around the whole
      human society/ you will have earned
      understanding/ particularly nobles praise/ and
      that not unfairly/ attributed.

      Jn betrachtung dessen/ daß nemlich dz Menschlich
      Geschlecht erstlich vn~ für nemlich zu erkenntnuß
      Gottes/ seines Schöpffers wesens vnnd willens/
      demnach zu vbung der Tugendt/ Zucht vnnd
      Ehrbarkeit/ vnnd erhaltung Bürgerlicher
      Gesellschafft/ im anfang von Gott erschaffen/

      In contemplation whose/ that namely the human
      race first and for namely towards God's
      knowledge/ his Creator character and will/ thus
      to practise the virtue/ discipline and
      respectability/ and preservation of common
      society/ in the beginning created by God/


      >Gesellschaft can mean society, but also company,
      >companionship, group of people.
      > > as well as several uses of "Gesellschafft" which I translated as "society"
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