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1403Re: [cooking_rumpolt] Re: Kalb 14 - boiled liver dumplings

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  • wheezul@canby.com
    Mar 3, 2012
      > Katherine said:
      >>Zur Sprache glosses both the verbs schlagen and schlahen with the same
      >>entry with the singular meaning of "schlachten" from Götze. - Wekcer " so
      >>schlahe sie [die Erbsen] durch ein Seigephfann oder weiß tuch."
      > "schlagen" = hit or beat, is different than
      > "einschlagen" or "schlag ein" = wrap.
      > Ranvaig

      To me both meanings imply a type of compression and that's how I would see
      the words as related. Not to "beat" a dead horse ;-)

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