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  • urtatim_alqurtubiyya
    Dec 14, 2011
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      With the advent of the winter holiday season, this list has been rather quiet.

      So i wonder if it would be OK for me to put up two files for examination by those who know German well, hoping someone has the time. They are (1) a translation of a chapter of a late 16th c. Persian cookbook into modern German and (2) my translation of the German into English. There are about 64 recipes on about 9 pages - some of the recipes are only two or three sentences, so the text is actually shorter than it sounds.

      I would like to make sure i haven't made any egregious errors in my translation, since i am not fluent in any form of German.

      and wishing everyone a happy healthy holiday season,
      Someone sometimes known as Urtatim
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