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107Re: [cooking_rumpolt] German bread recipes

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  • Huette von Ahrens
    Sep 7, 2007
      Although "weck" is a dialectic word for a breakfast roll in German, here in the US and
      specifically in Buffalo New York, the only time "weck" is used is in conjunction with
      "kimmelweck". If one wanted a plain roll and used a German word, one would use "brötchen" or
      "semmel". If you went into a German bakery in Buffalo and asked for "weck", they wouldn't inquire
      as to what kind you wanted. They would just give you a kimmelweck roll. What you would get if
      you ordered "weck" in a bakery in Germany, I am not sure.


      --- Adele de Maisieres <ladyadele@...> wrote:

      > Huette von Ahrens wrote:
      > > "Weck" is a version of a kaiser roll, but with caraway seeds and kosher salt on top. It is
      > > actually called Kimmelweck. It is a specific kind of bread roll very popular with German
      > > immigrants in Western New York/Buffalo New York area.
      > >
      > I think "kimmel" is caraway, so presumably Weck per se doesn't have to
      > have it.
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