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102Re: [cooking_rumpolt] German bread recipes

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  • Huette von Ahrens
    Sep 7, 2007
      "Weck" is a version of a kaiser roll, but with caraway seeds and kosher salt on top. It is
      actually called Kimmelweck. It is a specific kind of bread roll very popular with German
      immigrants in Western New York/Buffalo New York area.

      Here is a website with the history of beef on weck:


      As for period German bread recipes, I don't know of any, but there are so many period German
      cookbooks that haven't been translated yet, that I can't say that there are none. However,
      medieval Germany had a Baker's Guild that was very strong and it is possible that all the old
      recipes were never written down, but passed on from generation to generation by word of mouth and
      by teaching.


      --- ranvaig@... wrote:

      > Are there any German period bread recipes? I'd like both a white bread and a rye bread.
      > In Rumpolt there are many recipes that use bread, but I haven't seen a recipe for making it.
      > The cooks probably just purchased it.
      > Sometimes the bread is called "Weck". "Beef on Weck" is on a roll that I'd call a kaiser roll.
      > Would that have been true then too?
      > Ranvaig
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