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Re: Formatting Question

It looks fine to me. I'm on a Mac, reading it with TextEdit. I've converted it into a PDF, which may work better for you, and uploaded it to the main Files
May 16

New file uploaded to cooking_rumpolt

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the cooking_rumpolt group. File :
May 16

Formatting Question

Hello there! Long time no talk...I'm not sure if you all actually still get messages from this list but I downloaded: EinNewKochbuch.rtf
May 16

I am back. Hopefully.

I just set up my new computer and and am back online. I haven't had access to email for almost a year. For those that are asking, the current translation
Jul 10, 2016

Re: potatoes

I would also suggest Lancelot de Casteau's *Ouverture de Cuisine.http://www.medievalcookery.com/notes/ouverture.html
Sam Wallace
Nov 20, 2015

Re: potatoes

I pI loope din Bear, who has done a fair bit of research on Potatoes but is not on this group (sorry for typos yahoo is hating right now
Nov 19, 2015

Re: potatoes

Are you looking for recipes or just the fact that potatoes, etc., are referenced at a particular time? Doing a quick search of my cookery books shows 3 potato
Elise Fleming
Nov 19, 2015

Re: potatoes

Have you read the entries in The Oxford Companion to Food? They can be read online through Oxford Reference. Plus Oxford reference would have the Oxford food
Johnna Holloway
Nov 19, 2015


Dear Group, I am interested in early (16C-17C) recipes that involve potatoes, or sweet potatoes, or Jerusalem artichokes. I'd be grateful for any references.
Nov 19, 2015

Re: A Winter Feast in Mainz (al-Barran Midwinter, 2015)

That's the one I am using. On Oct 25, 2015 7:18 PM, "Shayne Lynch maindroit@...
Steve Fye
Oct 25, 2015

Re: A Winter Feast in Mainz (al-Barran Midwinter, 2015)

A Bunch of us in Australia are using Sharon Palmer's compilation.http://www.academia.edu/6272538/Ein_New_Kochbuch Does this help? Shayne Lynch
Shayne Lynch
Oct 25, 2015

Re: A Winter Feast in Mainz (al-Barran Midwinter, 2015)

I did a feast last fall using recipes from her translations. It came out perfect. Ceara "Cibus est bonus, et nemo est mortuus." It tasted good and nobody died.
Oct 23, 2015

Re: A Winter Feast in Mainz (al-Barran Midwinter, 2015)

Ranvaig translated the whole thing, but i'm not sure where it is now. Parts of it are in a folder in the Files section of this list. I hope Ranvaig will let us
Oct 22, 2015

A Winter Feast in Mainz (al-Barran Midwinter, 2015)

I'm cooking the feast this year and wanted to do German. Since I was stationed in Mainz, I thought it would be great to do some Rumpolt recipes. Mistress Kat
Oct 22, 2015

Re: [cooking_rumpolt] Susanna Harsdörfer=?UTF-8?Q?=20Cookbook=2C=20

Late but now with all of your input: jep "dithaiflaschen watzes mell [I think dischaifla and schen are two words]" looks like two words and would make sense:
Jun 30, 2015
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