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library to face challenges and prevent cyber threats

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  • faridbazmi
    When I am busy finalizing my research in a final shape, The people in America condole the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack at the World Trade Center.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2011
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      When I am busy finalizing my research in a final shape, The people in America condole the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack at the World Trade Center. The whole world is worried about the surprised and unbelievable attack on the World Trade center in a highly developed and safe country like the United States. Security specialist could not have imagined in their dreams.In fact, this attack must have been a subject of the inquiry and investigation to find out, where the human, technical or security measures failed.
      I myself discharging my duties in a highly secure premises of the police headquarters as a librarian from where I could not find or seen any external threat.The desperate act that took place in America made me think that a mischievous element, disgruntled employee, Publisher, book seller, unauthorized user want to damage or modify the library's information he can entered through the internet and will be successful to do so.
      Library is a place where not only information regarding books is available but also a place where you can exchange books, purchasing process, financial resources, e-tendering process, in addition to the personal information of users is stored.
      What can be done if by any means an unauthorized person get in to the library network and modify or delete information? It is a burning question across the world regarding security measures in library network.
      The latest example of the cyber attack conducted on the world famous and safe library was on "Library of Congress", The attack on the "Library of Congress" made me took the challenge to work on the concept and encouraged me to work on the complex subject and is strengthened to fruition.
      Being in police department it was my moral responsibility that I should contribute to make a plan to prevent cyber threats in the libraries.In the current scenario, it is essential how we should secure library information by cyber attack or unauthorized access/use of information.
      As some of the libraries are not facilitated by the IT experts and enough resources are not provide for prevention of cyber threats risks. The information stored in the library are great assets, which is equivalent to the economy of a nation. These kinds of attacks not only modify the information, but would breach the privacy of library users.
      This research is not a wakeup call. In other words, it is a silent alarm for the librarian, because libraries are small fish in a big ocean and are soft targets for hacking. library computer network security, vulnerabilities and cyber threats, some of the challenges which are to be prevented are privacy of users, pornography, unauthorized access, identity theft etc.), These unlawful activities can be encountered by Risk management, disaster plan, security audit plan & develop a security policy,

      Modern challenges and Cyber Threats
      Information is the key factor of everything, either it is society or the state. Everything is being regulated by information, that's why collection of information resources become so valuable and it needs to develop strong security measures and risk management policy. World's largest library of Congress (United States) is losing enough data in cyber attacks to fill the Library of Congress many times and authorities have failed to stay ahead of the threat.
      Hackers have stolen/modify/delete intellectual property, financial secrets, including the loss of sensitive and unclassified data. Ensuring the national security in information exchange, struggle against electronic crimes; Taking into account the national interests, creating conditions to ensure rights of citizens and organizations to safely obtain and use of electronic information; creating an environment providing citizens' information security.
      Neighboring opponent countries are attacking our valuable information resources frequently. Recently our high level national investigating agency CBI has been hacked by so called our neighboring country. Apart from this some errant new computer hackers are challenging our security system and trying to crack our security system.
      In this perspective I am suggesting a new security policy and providing safety measures for libraries to face challenges and prevent cyber threats. In the process of research work an IT expert suggest that the use of Intranet and Internet should be stopped. Is it the right solution for our security problem? The Fukushima nuclear disaster highlights the fact that no accident comes without warning. There will be enough signals that an accident is about to happen but we may ignore it either out of risk blindness or pressure on production. Security has become a top priority after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in ... regarding the indigenous development of the nuclear reactor and inherent dangers. Should NASA stop space program after Colombia incident? We can't stop any development and advancement program for the sake of these accidents. So it's not the right thing to stop use of Intranet and Internet in library. We have to face security challenges and draw new outline for our security system and plan a new risk management policy to secure our valuable and sensitive data.
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