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CJC2001 Yes!

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  • crystalferret
    In response to my �����Head-Count here s the Info I have so far! I have gotten a total of *14* responses from my request about a �����Head-Count on The Yahoo
    Message 1 of 1524 , Dec 13, 2000
      In response to my �Head-Count' here's the Info I
      have so far! I have gotten a total of *14* responses
      from my request about a �Head-Count' on The Yahoo Club
      Forum, for CJC2001 Atlanta! Fourteen! ( Let me type that
      again ) FOURTEEN!<br> That's including private and
      Forum postings! It Also includes Myself! (Hey, I talk
      to myself, it only stands to reason that I would
      Post to myself)<br>So let's break these postings down.
      I won't mention names as some of these were
      private, some were not.<br><br> I got 3 No's (sorry Guys
      we're gon'a miss Ya'll) <br>I got 6 That are a
      Definite!<br>And I got 5 with a "I'm gon'a try and we'll see how
      things work out. <br><br>This Tally did Not include any
      of Megan's Tally from a much earlier
      Questionnaire.<br>(and I still Don't have That Information, Megan, I
      Need You!) <br><br>This is going to happen People,
      regardless of our knowledge of the over-all interest in
      attending and as I said we May get the use of cheap or free
      dorm space so get your cards and letters in so Gujamin
      knows how much to look into reserving. If infact we are
      flooded than I expect it will be first come first serve,
      (Get the Hint, Ya'll)<br><br>Lastly, to Everyone. Send
      me your thoughts concerning what you would like to
      see at this Convention. In the way of not only the
      Comps, but Workshops, Food, amount of Free time
      available, that sort of thing. We should have a Hall and
      Lots of �Green' space to freak out the summer
      students. <br>Post your requests on this or Kae's forum, it
      matters not. We will not be able to please everyone but
      we can not even try until we know what will please
      you. (be kind, remember we're new at this) anyone who
      would like to do a Workshop please let me know
      privately, and Ian, my eyebrow is raised in your direction
      in this, and would like to discuss that matter with
      you.<br><br>That's about It People, things Are Happening! Good
      Things!<br>The Ball is Rolling, and we WILL Nail This Trick! And
      This time The Audience Is The World!<br><br>"Ferret"
    • Darean De Shameless
      i use them and theay work fine
      Message 1524 of 1524 , Nov 15, 2004
        i use them and theay work fine
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