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Hammonasset Kite Festival 2012

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  • Greg L
    When the Soundwinds Festival ended, the event became the “Hammonasset Kite Festival”. Sea Side Kites, Inc. (SSK) and Gary and Maggie Engvall stepped in to
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 20, 2012
      When the Soundwinds Festival ended, the event became the “Hammonasset Kite Festival”. Sea Side Kites, Inc. (SSK) and Gary and Maggie Engvall stepped in to continue the event. SSK is the financial sponsor; Gary and Maggie were the event coordinators. Over the years, as a team, we made it a two day event including sport kite demos, large kite displays, ‘Bol’ races and family kite flying. However, as with all things, times have changed and Gary and Maggie Engvall have decided not to continue with their portion of the Hammonasset Kite Festival.  They deserve a huge thank you for running the operations for this event for the last eight years, in good health and bad, good weather and bad. But, all the hard work has taken a toll on them. 
      As the financial sponsor during this same time period, we tried to cover expenses for the event from the sale of kites at the event (sometimes succeeding, sometime not).  Going forward… for the immediate future, we have decided to continue and hold a one-day event at Hammonasset on Sunday, May 13th and yes, we know it is Mother’s Day.
      Skydog Kites will continue their support of the Hammonasset Kites Festival…
      Jim Christianson and Frank Morell of Skydog Kites will set-up a ground display and fly various Skydog Kites that the public will be able to try
      With the cost of park admissions being high, we are offering to reimburse park admission to those who will sign up to volunteer for the following tasks:
      • A volunteer to take delivery of the porta-potty’s on Friday and secure (lock) them.
      SSK will provide the locks.
      • A volunteer to set out trash cans and bags and remove them when full/end of day; take charge of policing the grounds after the event and taking the trash bags to the dumpster across the main parking lot.
      • Two volunteers to set-up and take-down the retail kite tents. 
      • A volunteer to set up and take down banners.
      Please note:  The CT parks department will not open the campgrounds until later in May.
      We do not plan to have demos, Bol races or Rok battles.  If anyone wishes to manage these venues, they will need to step up and take over … including the running of the Bol races and any requirements for demos and Rok battles.  
      For 2012 this is to be a FUN FLY for all to enjoy.
      So, put Hammonasset Kite Festival 2012 on your calendars, invite your Mom and your friend’s Mom and enjoy a day of family fun!
      Date: Sunday, May 13, 2012
      Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 PM
      Venue: Family Kite Flying
      (No Rain Date)

      Greg & Jackie Lamoureux
      Sea Side Kites, Inc.
      293 Nantasket Ave.
      Hull, MA 02045
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