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[connectikiters] New York Kite Enthusiasts Judging Seminar

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  • GEngvall@aol.com
    Hello everyone; I am posting this for Jeremy Johannesen, who is between servers at the moment. *********************************************** Subj: [NYKE]
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 1999
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      Hello everyone;

      I am posting this for Jeremy Johannesen, who is between servers at the moment.
      Subj: [NYKE] Judging Seminar
      Date: 8/29/99 9:42:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time
      From: nykiters@... (Jeremy Johannesen)
      Reply-to: nyke@egroups.com
      To: nyke@egroups.com (NYKE)

      Greetings Kiters!
      The New York Kite Enthusiasts are pleased to
      announce that we will be sponsoring a Kite Judging
      Seminar. This seminar will take place on Sunday
      October 24th, beginning at 9:30 at The College of
      Saint Rose in Albany, N.Y. The presenters will be Deb
      Heid, Joel Brown, and Gary Engvall. We will cover the
      basic mechanics of a kite competition, what each job
      is responsible for (pit boss, line judge, field
      director, etc...) as well as the basics of judging a
      kiting routine. If you've ever thought of
      volunteering at a kiting competition but thought "I
      wouldn't know what to do" This is the workshop for
      you! Best of all we are offering this seminar for
      FREE! Just show up and learn something!
      Immediately following the workshop, which will run
      for about 3 hours, we will be heading to our club home
      field for a fun fly. This will give us a chance to
      try out what we've learned by judging some 'mock'
      Pre-registration is not necessary, but is
      appreciated. Direction can be found on our website,
      and are avaliable via email by request. We're hoping
      to attract lots of you and break in a whole new group
      of judges!!!
      Albany is not too far from most of New England.
      About 3 hours from Boston or Rhode Island. Come out
      on Saturday and see the sites of the Capital Region!
      Hoping to hear from lots of you!

      Note: I'll be unavaliable to answer email until after
      September 15th. So if I don't respond immediately, be
      patient I will...

      Spread the Wind!
      Visit the N.ew Y.ork K.ite E.nthusiasts Homepage
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