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3071Hammonasset on the 10th.

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  • Maggie Engvall
    Nov 2, 2013
      Hello, Everyone,
      To answer some questions.......
      All events have a given time frame. The fly on Sunday is listed as
      11:00am to 4:30pm. This is just a guideline for people. People arrive
      when ever they want. Some may get there at 9:00am others will not get
      there until 11:00am or later. Some may get there at 3:00pm. Everyone has
      their own schedule. Some will leave at 1:00pm and others will stay until
      4:30pm. The weather will help some make a decision about what time they
      will arrive and leave. Some have church or other activities to attend
      before the fly. Remember its for the fun of it whether it is for an hour
      or all day.

      Any color or kind of kite can be flown. Since Veterans' Day is usually
      associated with flying the flag, red, white and blue kites were
      suggested but not necessary. Some will fly only one kite while others
      will have three or four kites up and maybe more. Its up to the person
      how many they can manage.

      We will get there when we get there. It will depend on traffic, what
      time we leave the house and if we make any stops. It's over an hour for us.

      We will see you at the fly.