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  • Linda Haviland
    Hi everyone. It s heading toward 100+ here now, for the 2nd day, so my mother s not venturing outside at all. They re re-paving the road, too, so right now
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2006
      Hi everyone. It's heading toward 100+ here now, for the 2nd day, so my mother's not venturing outside at all. They're re-paving the road, too, so right now the roller is shaking the whole house..at least it ain't dull here! LOL. Connecticut is not immune to heat-waves, but this is extreme. It's not unusual for the weather out west to come east, but I can't wait until it's more tolerable.

      I'm trying not to flash-back to the bad times of last August and look forward one day at a time with hope. Although I'm being told no way about getting a new cat from my co-habitors, a friend of mine is keeping an eye out for a kitten for me. I will not take a male or a wild cat, though. She has to get along with our two aging "boys" and be a house-cat, hopefully a lap cat, spayed. I miss having a "little girl" terribly, but I'm just taking the view that what's meant to happen will happen.

      Last weekend our refrigerator quit..it was 15 years old. The new one cost almost as much as the 1996 Ford Escort my mother got recently..to us that's a new car! I'm driving the 88 little Chevy Wagon as long as it holds out. Luckily we have a cast-off frig in the cellar. It won't fit upstairs and may quit at any time, but it was a Godsend to store food while we needed it. We use it mainly to store frozen meat and veggies and have gallon jugs of water in the frig in case the power goes out, things like that.

      I haven't been knitting, but I'm working on art samples every day, to show prospective ?clients. I just finished 4 room designs with Corel Painter. I love it that it lets me make straight lines, as precision is not my strong point, lol. After I "drew" everything out, I "watercolored", doing a bedroom, living-room, kitchen and workshop. I'm going to hit businesses around here, looking for free-lance work, , so I'm trying to have suitable samples, mini-portfolios to leave. (4 samples each). I had scanned some art and photos I had taken of my art as samples, but still have to do more. Now I'm starting on showing hands, featuring fingernails all polished up, for nail salons. It's time-consuming for me to get the pictures right, but hopefully I can generate some income. I've tried sending out mailings and e-mails, but I'm going back to knocking on doors, and need all the luck I can get. I found these soft, mini- photo albums in Walmart for about 1.00 each. I can dismantle them and make several mini-portfolios of each one to hand out. I'm planning to put a mini-resume in them and a business card, too. I'd just like to get going by winter! LOL. If the cd burner will behave and my new replacement mouse is good, hopefully I can keep going.

      It's funny. My "distractions" involve a lot of reading..reading books and researching genealogy. At least I get out to the garden sometimes.

      Take care everyone and have fun...Linda Haviland

      My brother's cat, Rusty, is laying on the floor near me, on the braided rug. He knows the cellar's cool, and he seems to only like to go upstairs to the a/c for a little while at a time.

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