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New Pix My Back Yard Iguana

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  • Sam
    I m trying to stay generic with the picture s, it s not easy. I know that this Iguana looks like it should be in the Tribe, but I don t believe that there is
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2006
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      I'm trying to stay generic with the picture's, it's not easy. I know
      that this Iguana looks like it should be in the Tribe, but I don't
      believe that there is any blood connection. It lives behind my shed
      and it is a large herbivorous (plant-eating) lizard. Brought into
      Florida as pets, iguanas are a good example of how exotic animals can
      become a nuisance in the state.
      Iguanas eat valuable landscape plants, shrubs and trees as well as
      orchids and many other flowers. They do not eat citrus, but they like
      fruit such as berries, figs, mangoes, tomatoes, bananas and lynches,
      five large iguanas eat as much as one sheep!
      While adult iguanas prefer feeding on foliage, flowers and fruit,
      they will occasionally eat animal material such as insects, lizards
      and other small animals, nestling birds and eggs. Juveniles eat more
      insects, and hatchling green iguanas eat the droppings of adult
      iguanas to acquire the gut bacteria they need to digest plant
      Alligators, dogs, raccoons and birds of prey are probably the only
      natural enemies of iguanas in the suburban environments of South
      Florida. Automobiles and people are the main cause of mortality of
      adult iguanas.
      In Florida, all captured iguanas must be kept in captivity as pets
      or captive breeding stock, or must be destroyed. They cannot be
      released into the wild. When temperatures drop below 50 degrees
      Fahrenheit, cold-stunned iguanas can sometimes be simply picked from
      branches or picked up off the ground after they fall from trees.
      These large lizards like to bask in the sun on sidewalks, docks,
      seawalls, landscape timbers and open mowed areas.
      Still SLAMIN
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