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A New Language (Take II)

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  • Sylvia Sotomayor
    ... The story, again: slɛyɛ tena evi. tɛŋ dus saɬud slo da mɪdi lɪkɪdɬɛyandɛ ndo. don muludan lakyallaya tɪŋi ndo. smani ŋye ŋidussi da mɪdi
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2012
      >> >>> On Mon, 24 Dec 2012 13:17:30 -0800 Sylvia Sotomayor wrote:
      >> >>>
      >> >>>> Language Name*:
      >> >>>> hɛlo
      >> >>>> *subject to change, of course.
      >> >>>>
      >> >>>> Quick phonology:
      >> >>>> p b t d k g m n ŋ l v s ɬ h y
      >> >>>> i ɪ u e o ɛ ɔ a
      >> >>>
      In revision, I have 3 front vowels:
      >> i, e, ɛ; 2 central vowels: ɪ̈ written ɪ, ɐ written a; and two back
      >> vowels: u, o. e and o might actually be e̞ and o̞.

      >> The consonants remain the same, though I did consider adding a 'z',
      >> and then decided against it.

      The story, again:

      slɛyɛ tena evi. tɛŋ dus saɬud slo da mɪdi lɪkɪdɬɛyandɛ ndo. don
      muludan lakyallaya tɪŋi ndo. smani ŋye ŋidussi da mɪdi lɪkɪdɬɛyandɛŋi
      tomɪdi sdon muludɪdɛn ŋipɛsi ndo. aɬud mɛkyɛgɛ evibi ndo. saɬud
      mɛdɛlɪdɛn tɪŋina ndo. mɛdɛlɪdɛn lɪtɪmyandɛn todɪdɛn sdon muludɪdɛn
      onna ndo. aɬud mɛkyɛgɛ ɛmɛŋi ndo. lo mɛkyɛgɛ evibi ndo. slo logu evi
      ndo. sdon muludɪdɛn ŋipɛsi ndo. smani ŋye ŋidussi da lo lɪkɪdɬɛyandɛŋi

      s-lɛyɛ tena evi.
      SRC-1sM/in place story+VsM out

      tɛŋ dus s-aɬud s-lo
      argument+IsM back.and.forth SRC-north.wind+IsM SRC-sun+IsM

      da mɪdi lɪ-kɪdɬɛ-ya-ndɛ ndo.
      IsM 3sS VAL-strong-POS-RANK REPORT

      don mu-ludan la-kyalla-ya tɪŋi ndo.
      traveler+IsM 3P-cloak+IIIsS VAL-warm-POS along a path REPORT

      s-mani ŋye ŋi-dussi
      SRC-3cM agreement+IsM COMPLETED-back.and.forth

      da mɪdi lɪ-kɪdɬɛ-ya-ndɛ-ŋi
      IsM 3sS VAL-strong-POS-RANK-most

      to-mɪdi s-don mu-ludɪdɛn ŋi-pɛsi ndo.
      CAUS-3sS SRC-traveler+IsM 3P-cloak+IIIsM all.the.way-away.from.source REPORT

      aɬud mɛ-kyɛgɛ evi-bi ndo.
      north.wind+IsM 3P-attempt+VsM out-INCHOATIVE REPORT

      s-aɬud mɛ-dɛlɪdɛn tɪŋi-na ndo.
      SRC-north.wind+IsM 3P-breath+VIIsM along.a.path-REPEATED REPORT

      mɛ-dɛlɪdɛn lɪ-tɪm-ya-ndɛ-n
      3P-breath+VIIsM VAL-forceful-POS-RANK-more

      to-dɪdɛn s-don mu-ludɪdɛn on-na ndo
      CAUS-VIIsM SRC-traveler+IsM 3P-cloak+IIIsM towards.source-REPEATED REPORT

      aɬud mɛ-kyɛgɛ ɛmɛ-ŋi ndo
      north.wind+IsM 3P-attempt+VsM into-COMPLETED REPORT

      lo mɛ-kyɛgɛ evi-bi ndo
      sun+IsM 3P-attempt+VsM out-STARTING REPORT

      s-lo logu evi ndo
      SRC-sun+IsM 3P-light+VsM out REPORT

      s-don mu-ludɪdɛn ŋi-pɛsi ndo
      SRC-traveler+IsM 3P-cloak+IIIsM all.the.way-away.from.source REPORT

      s-mani ŋye ŋi-dussi
      SRC-3cM agreement+IsM COMPLETED-back.and.forth

      da lo lɪ-kɪdɬɛ-ya-ndɛ-ŋi ndo
      IsM sun+IsM VAL-strong-POS-RANK REPORT

      Roman Numeral = noun class, Arabic Numeral = person
      Number + (s)ingular/(c)ollective/(p)lural + (M)otile/(S)essile

      A bit about Noun Classes:

      Class I contains things that are assumed to be motile and move in an
      arc. This includes people, certain aerial and celestial phenomena, and
      speech to an audience. IsM nouns that refer to people often have an
      alternate form for referring to movement in place (shaking, heaving,
      general fidgeting).

      aɬud north wind-IsM
      don traveler-IsM (in place: dona)
      lo sun-IsM
      ŋye agreement-IsM
      tɛŋ argument-IsM

      Class II contains things assumed sessile, but can move/be moved in an
      arc, and are natural or at least not artificial. This includes plants,
      bread, fruit, rocks, pieces of ice, etc.

      Class III contains things assumed sessile, move/can be moved in an
      arc, and are man-made or otherwise associated with civilization. This
      includes clothing, tools, furniture, etc.

      ludan cloak-IIIsS
      ludɪdɛn cloak-IIIsM

      Class IV contains things assumed sessile but maybe capable of being
      shaken or moving in place. This includes most locations on land (hey,
      earthquakes), and other stuff I am still thinking about.

      Class V contains things assumed motile that grow and/or shrink or
      otherwise move at the edges or in place. This includes the sea and
      most other bodies of water, fire, light, dark, events, speech to no
      particular audience, sounds, etc. It also includes smoke and
      precipitates (rain, snow) even though those move in an arc.

      kyɛgɛ attempt-VsM
      logu light-VsM
      tena story-VsM

      Class VI includes materials and things defined by a space that does
      not move, though its shape might change.

      Class VII contains things assumed sessile, but that might be made to
      move in an arc. Unlike Class II, Class VII nouns are generally not
      solids, but rather liquids, vapors, powders, and various clumpy

      dɛlɪdɛn breath-VIIsM

      Technically Class VII should be listed between II and III, but the
      items were originally grouped into Class V until I decided that didn't
      make sense. And IV and VI might merge.

      Pronouns, so far:
      lɛyɛ 1sM in place
      In place because the story is in print, so the storyteller isn't going anywhere.

      mayi 3cM
      The default collective (dual, paucal) 3rd person pronoun.

      mɪdi 3sS
      Sessile because it refers to situations that are uncertain or not realized.

      Direction words, so far:
      For arcs (Classes I, II, III, and VII), there are the following direction words:
      tɪŋi, pɛsi, ono, dus, tudi, tad
      along.a.path, away.from.source, towards.source, back.and.forth,
      up.and.down, down.to.the.ground

      These can be modified for starting, finished, repeated, and interrupted.

      For in/out (Class V):
      evi, ɛmɛmɛ
      out.in.all.directions, in.from.all.directions

      These can be modified for starting and finished.

      Now to build more vocabulary (thank you William Annis for the
      Conlangers Thesaurus), and try some more of those syntax test
      sentences (thank you Gary Shannon).

      Happy New Year,

      Sylvia Sotomayor

      The sooner I fall behind the more time I have to catch up.
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