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    4th Language Creation Conference http://conference.conlang.org/ The Language Creation Society (LCS) is pleased to announce the Fourth Language Creation
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2011
      4th Language Creation Conference


      The Language Creation Society (LCS) is pleased to announce the Fourth
      Language Creation Conference, to be held in the city of Groningen, in
      the Netherlands, on the weekend of May 14-15. The conference will be
      held at the Infrahuis Noord.

      More information about Groningen, hotels, etc. can be found on the
      local information page of the conference website:


      On the evening of Friday, May 13th there will be an informal social
      gathering to let everyone get to know each other before the main
      event. Please arrive early if you would like to participate.


      The Language Creation Conference features two days of talks,
      conference-style presentations, panels and workshops. It will also
      feature the unveiling of the LCC4 relay.

      If you want to participate in the LCC4 relay (whether or not you will
      attend LCC4 in person), please send an e-mail to dave@....

      The LCS is still seeking presenters for LCC4. Talks are either 45
      minutes (for topics that are of general interest to conlangers), or 15
      minutes (for topics that are focused on a single conlang). You can
      also submit a "poster", which can be nearly any display that will fit
      in the conference space.

      For more information, please see our call for papers at

      If you're interested in presenting, please e-mail conference@....

      If there is a presenter you would like to see, or you have an idea for
      a talk, panel or workshop, please email conference@... with
      your suggestions.


      These subsidized admission fees cover attendance, snacks, drinks, and
      lunch for both days of the conference.

      Non-LCS Members: €60 (≈ $80)
      LCS Members: €45 (≈ $61)

      As always, nobody will be refused entrance to the LCC for lack of
      funds. If the standard rates are too high for you for any reason, just
      let us know (we won't ask for details) and contribute what you can.

      To register, please go to http://conference.conlang.org/lcc4/register.php


      Student LCS Membership: $25 (≈ €19)
      Regular LCS Membership: $35 (≈ €26)

      We recently introduced, per the suggestion of a prospective member, a
      $10 discount on LCS membership for students. Anyone under 18 or
      enrolled (full or part time) towards a high school or undergraduate
      degree qualifies. To obtain this discount, just indicate when joining
      why you qualify (i.e. how old you are if under 18, or what school you
      are enrolled in).

      In addition to a €15 discount on the conference fee, LCS membership
      has other benefits (e.g. free webspace, and two of your own
      yoururl.conlang.org websites). Of course, the primary reason to join
      is to support the work of the LCS - in hosting this conference as well
      as everything else we do.

      To join, or for more information on the benefits of LCS membership,
      please go to http://conlang.org/members.php


      The actual cost to us of hosting the conference, per person, is
      approximately €75. As such, attendees paying the standard rates above
      are being subsidized by the donations and LCS membership fees of

      We made a commitment to our membership and to LCC attendees long ago
      to host an LCC in Europe, and we plan to make good on that commitment,
      even if we lose ~$1,000 (about half our annual income), as we
      are currently anticipating. We also still believe in our policy of
      ensuring that lack of money should not be a barrier to attendance.

      That said, if we don't at least approximately break even on LCC4, we
      may not be financially able to hold an LCC in Europe again. We would
      very much like to do so, but there is only so much we can do as an
      organization with a small pool of resources, and there are other
      things that we would like to be able to spend our limited resources on
      (such as an editor for the LCS podcast, publication of our upcoming
      journal Fiat Lingua, etc).

      Therefore, if you are able, please donate to the LCS to help support
      this conference. We suggest a donation of €15-30, to cover the cost
      shortfall for 1-2 people's attendance (your own, if you're attending).
      Donations can be made at http://conlang.org/donate.php or at the door.
      Please email lcs@... for alternate payment methods.

      Donators of more than €30 will be thanked for their generosity in the
      conference program (anonymously, if they prefer).

      We would also greatly appreciate donations of labor or technology for
      the conference, or conlanger-related goods for a silent auction.
      Please email conference@... to let us know what you have to

      We want to be sure to get as many attendees as possible so please help
      us by getting the word out as widely as you can—especially to those
      conlangers living in Western Europe!


      If you have any questions or comments (about programming,
      the location, or anything else related to LCC4), please contact
      the conference committee at conference@....
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