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  • Wesley Parish
    Hi, Folks. Just thought people might be interested in this little gem. Share and Enjoy! Wesley Parish ... Subject: LL-L Projects 2009.07.06 (04) [EN] Date:
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      Hi, Folks.

      Just thought people might be interested in this little gem.

      Share and Enjoy!

      Wesley Parish

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      Subject: LL-L "Projects" 2009.07.06 (04) [EN]
      Date: Tuesday 07 July 2009 14:56
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      Subject: Projects

      **Wixbikeldee, Lowlanders!

      Please meet the latest featured guest contributors and their translation of
      the Wren story!

      As I wrote in my introduction of the newest laureates, ...

      Daniel and Norman Foster are living proof that a lan­guage com­mu­ni­ty can
      be as small as two (not coun­ting in­no­cent by­standers that can­not help
      pick­ing up the odd ex­pres­sion here and there). These two gentle­men
      de­mon­strate that youth­ful lan­guage cre­a­tion en­hances life­long bonds,
      in this case bro­ther­ly bonds. They re­alized ear­ly on that lan­guage is
      ba­sic­al­ly fun, that play­ing with lan­guage en­hances lin­gu­istic
      aware­ness and ap­pre­ci­a­tion.

      Why ... perhaps their linguistic pursuit is even the reason why both of them
      ended up being great musicians. Or am I getting carried away now?

      Well, all right then, go and admire their language Ozee Tilp (which has
      American-English-based phonology and English-based orthography), and do not
      skip the language introduction:


      Seattle, USA


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