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[Conlangs-Conf] A couple personal requests

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  • Sai Emrys
    Hello everyone. This is somewhat unusual for me to do, but I feel I ve earned a bit of goodwill over the last few months, and would like to ask for a bit of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2006
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      Hello everyone.

      This is somewhat unusual for me to do, but I feel I've earned a bit of
      goodwill over the last few months, and would like to ask for a bit of
      help in return. I'll try to keep this fairly brief.

      1. I need a job. My JET application (alas) did not work out, and I'm
      going to have to have money to pay the bills within a couple months.

      I do expect that I will go to grad school for a PhD at some point in
      the future, but am not interested in pursuing that right now; I'm
      somewhat burnt out on school, and want to be doing something different
      for a while.

      My ideal situation would be something challenging, interesting,
      creative, not strongly hierarchical, nonpolitical (in either sense),
      that would both let me use my existing skillset and give me serious
      opportunity to expand it. I am willing to commit to a good enough
      situation for 1-2 years, and to move anywhere worldwide if the
      environment is good enough (e.g. decent weather, liberal or
      libertarian community, language I can speak or learn, visa support if
      I'd need it).

      Yes, I know that's pretty vague, but I really can't say more
      specifically what I'm looking for in an exclusive way. I know that I
      wouldn't really be suited to being a cog of any sort; it'd chafe too
      much. That leaves a lot open, and I am indeed to some extent looking
      to have as diverse a set of life experience as possible.

      So: if you know of any jobs that might suit me (and vice versa),
      please let me know. My resume is at

      2. On a related note, I would greatly appreciate having written,
      displayable recommendations / reviews / etc in relation to the

      Of course I am very glad to have received as positive response as I
      have from all of you about how the conference went, and particularly
      about what I did for it - but pragmatically, though *I* value your
      praise (verbal and online), it isn't something that I can show to
      others very easily. Nor, I think, are most employers / grad school
      committees / etc going to really try to research it online (or
      necessarily trust what they see there).

      Therefore: If you can and are willing, mail me a letter - content and
      style up to you - on actual physical paper, signed, and if possible
      including your contact info / position and on your Official
      Letterhead. I would be using it for my 'portfolio', for showing to
      potential employers, and for grad school applications or the like. If
      you are willing to be used as a professional reference, please let me
      know that also.

      My Oakland mailing address is good until the end of this month only;
      after that, please use my Palo Alto post office box (which is on my
      card, if you picked one up at the conference). If you don't have it,
      email me and I'll tell you.

      3. I have a $400 Continental ticket voucher I'd like to sell or barter
      off. If you're booking a flight between now and mid-August, let me do
      it for you and I'll give you a major discount on it. Details at

      4. I need either a new roommate, or a new place to live, by the
      beginning of June. Details here:
      http://saizai.livejournal.com/665884.html. This is related to the job
      search question, but I'll assume for the moment that I'm staying in
      the Bay Area. If you know anyone who has an affordable room for rent
      (that can also take my cat), or who might move in with me, please let
      me know. My current place (2br apt, rent ~$450 per) is actually very
      nice - I just want someone to split it with.

      Lots of detail about what I'm like personally (as in, in private life)
      is here: http://saizai.livejournal.com/666120.html.

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