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Re: Verbruary ... Languages do seem to have almost a mind of their own, or at least a character. I've rejected so many words and expressions that just didn't seem "Right" as

Herman Miller
7:01 PM

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Re: Verbruary #26 fehl -- to be sad, depressed, down due to death

Adam Walker
5:05 PM

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Re: New novel by our own Jim Hopkins! Wow, congrats to James! Really cool.

Daniel Bowman
12:52 PM

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Bscript 3D writing / 3D gesture conscript youtube video : http://youtu.be/J0xuZwzNNhw First beta tests of Bscript 3D writing system using the Bpen short pdf intro : http://dscript.org/bscript.pdf

Matthew DeBlock
12:50 PM

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Re: New novel by our own Jim Hopkins! Likewise, if someone wanted to review it for Fiat Lingua, I would be most appreciative. :) http://fiatlingua.org/ Sent from my iPhone

David Peterson
12:37 PM

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Re: New novel by our own Jim Hopkins! ¡Cungrachunis! Getting a manuscript ready to go public is no easy task! Adam

Adam Walker
11:36 AM

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Re: New novel by our own Jim Hopkins! ... Gorgeous swash capitals on the cover! Kudos to whoever did that lettering. I hope someone might review this intriguing and gorgeously beswashed opus for

And Rosta
11:26 AM

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Re: Suprasegmental letters An additional rationale may be that in the English digraphs < +h> marks a less occlusive pronunciation, and nasalization might be described to the

9:00 AM

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Re: Verbruary Maybe I should seize the opportunity to work out how Proto-Sohlob/Kijeb/Sohlob verbal *inflexion* works before February ends! Since I had a breakthrough on

7:21 AM

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Re: Verbruary Verbruary 26: vangkath [ˈvaŋkaθ] vt. complete ... If is now read [ʋeˈdaθ], Géarthnuns orthography has suddenly gotten *very* deep. ;) Kou

7:04 AM

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Re: Translating from non-evidential to evidential langs ... The tricky thing here is the translator's intent. If the translator is simply trying to capture the poem, a reportative makes sense. However, my

Daniel Bowman
8:31 PM

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Re: Suprasegmental letters "Rheum" comes close. stevo

8:29 PM

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Re: Suprasegmental letters ... Nice. I'm liking for nasalization better and better ...

Dirk Elzinga
8:14 PM

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Re: Suprasegmental letters Possible to do a double n? VnV = [V~.V] VnnV = [V.nV] David Peterson LCS Member Since 2007 dave@... www.conlang.org

David Peterson
8:14 PM

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Re: Verbruary ... Verbruary 25 in Tirëlat: tsytsy [ˈʦɨʦɨ] to snap (with fingers). Yes, I checked. Snapping doesn't require five fingers.

Herman Miller
Feb 25
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