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204145Re: Universal language for communicating with space aliens

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  • Warren D Smith
    Jul 26, 2014
      I seem to have created a monster...

      To reply to the latest crop of monsters:
      (a) P.Austin keeps making wrong assertions faster than light
      communication is possible due to quantum teleportation variants.
      Wrong, wrong, wrong.

      (b) Logan Kearsley: "Fun fact: 'languages' in the sense used by
      linguists are also
      'languages' in the sense used by programmers & computer scientists.
      The reverse, however, as you have just said, is not true. In other
      words, 'language' (LING) is a hyponym of 'language' (CS)."

      --true. However, from my point of view as a mathematician, the thing
      is that the CS notion
      of "languages" is something completely mathematically definable. And
      can prove theorems about it. The linguist notion of "languages" not
      so. I simply do not know, in the sense of mathematical precision,
      what is meant by their word "language." Or such
      subconcepts as "nouns." Want to prove a theorem about "all languages"?
      (E.g. theorem: every language must have nouns?) Good luck. Far as I
      can see, you haven't got the foundational definitions, and until you
      do, you've no hope of proving
      such theorems or of true understanding ("true understanding" means
      ability to prove theorems). Also far as I can see, all theorems that
      have been proved, have been about sub-classes of the linguist
      "language" concept, which CAN be defined.

      (c) Lorinda J. Taylor:
      The chances are that our first contact will be with a more primitive
      species that we meet by going to their planet.
      --I think that's untrue. First of all, "going to a planet" is
      extremely hard and will
      take very long time. Likely travel speeds 0.001c.
      Far simpler & faster is to just communicate. If we believe other
      civilizations are common, then many will be way older & more advanced
      than us, will detect us, and the scheme I proposed based on them
      transmitting an AI, will work.
      If, au contraire, we believe they are uncommon, then the question is pretty moot
      since we'll never find them and they'll never find us,or anyhow it'll
      take a very very
      long time, far longer than our lives.

      Warren D. Smith
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