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204117Re: Universal language for communicating with space aliens

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  • Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets
    Jul 25, 2014
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      Just chiming in to correct a deep misunderstanding of physics.

      On 25 July 2014 10:57, Patrik Austin <patrik.austin@...> wrote:

      > Warren, the idea I gave you is not in Wikipedia. It's a hypothetical
      > sci-fi idea and so it just happened that after my message this news came
      > out:
      > http://phys.org/news/2014-07-scientists-quantum-entanglement-amplified.html
      > I wasn't necessarily talking about a so called quantum computer. What I
      > meant was: you have an entangled pair A and B and you take B to Mars. When
      > you change the polarity of A, the polarity of B also changes.

      And that's where you are making a very big mistake: once A and B are
      entangled, *you cannot change the state of A without losing the
      entanglement*. I.e. if you change the polarity of A, the polarity of B
      isn't in any way connected to the polarity of A anymore. Information can
      only be sent once, in other words, and since you still have to physically
      move B to Mars, that information transfer was effectively slower than the
      speed of light. Thinking otherwise is a deep misunderstanding of what
      quantum entanglement is. Quantum entanglement, like every quantum
      phenomena, is a superposition of states, and only exists as long as neither
      A and B are significantly disturbed. Changing the polarity of one or the
      other *is* a significant disturbance, and destroys the entanglement.

      Now it still *is* interesting, and quantum teleportation could lead the way
      to interesting technologies, but not to faster than light communication.

      > If you have many of these you can send binary code without time delay. You
      > can use conventional computers but you will need special detectors and
      > transmitters in between.
      No you can't, because you can't disturb A during the trip B makes. In other
      words, the only way information can be transmitted is by setting A
      correctly *before* the entanglement, entangle it with B, send B to Mars,
      and only then make the measurement that collapses the states of both A and
      B. That collapse is instantaneous (and can be, as it is not a physical
      phenomenon), but since it can only be done once and you couldn't disturb A
      during that process, the information transfer is only as fast as the
      physical trip of B from here to Mars, which can only be at most as fast as
      the speed of light. Very interesting, but no FTL.
      Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets
      President of the Language Creation Society (http://conlang.org/)

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