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203005Re: Terzemian Vowels (again)

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  • BPJ
    May 6, 2014
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      2014-05-06 10:22, Roman Rausch skrev:
      >> >I've settled on "ы" and "ъı" for/jM/ and/M/ respectively.
      > As a native speaker of Russian, I'd find <ы> for [ɯ] and something like <йы> for [jɯ] more natural.

      But what would a native speaker of Terzemian find most natural? :-)

      Considering Ukrainian and Rusyn mappings, and what was
      available in pre-Soviet printshops I'd definitely use

      и /jɨ/
      і /i/
      ї /ji/
      ы /ɨ/

      >> >Less obvious are/y/, /2/, /e~/ and /A~/.
      >> >Bearing in mind that the Cyrillic script was introduced back before
      >> >the 19th and 20th century Russian spelling reforms, and the region was
      >> >Soviet for as long as that was relevant, what do you recommend?

      > For the front rounded ones Chechen uses <уь> and <оь>.

      These are nice. I guess one could use

      и /jɨ/ иь /ji/
      ы /ɨ/ ыь /i/

      but bear in mind that in lead printing one always could
      rotate types to get new letters, so considering that Swedish
      /y/ and /ø/ are in practice rendered by ю and е why not

      ꙕ /y/
      е /jø/
      ә /ø/
      є /je/
      э /e/
      ё /jɒ/

      > Apostrophes should also be possible, I think: <у’> and <о’>.

      Why not use the apostrophe to indicate nasalization?

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