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203000Re: Terzemian Vowels (again)

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  • Roman Rausch
    May 6, 2014
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      >I've settled on "ы" and "ъı" for /jM/ and /M/ respectively.

      As a native speaker of Russian, I'd find <ы> for [ɯ] and something like <йы> for [jɯ] more natural.

      >Less obvious are /y/, /2/, /e~/ and /A~/.
      >Bearing in mind that the Cyrillic script was introduced back before
      >the 19th and 20th century Russian spelling reforms, and the region was
      >Soviet for as long as that was relevant, what do you recommend?

      For the front rounded ones Chechen uses <уь> and <оь>. Apostrophes should also be possible, I think: <у’> and <о’>.

      For the nasalized ones one could perhaps use <ę> and <ą> from Polish (which hasn't turned nasalization into palatalization). The imagined linguist introducing the spelling might not have been into historical Slavonic studies.

      For [ɒ] and [jɒ] I guess simply <о> and <йо>/<ё>?

      >I feel like "ү" and "ө" may or may not have survived, but my only
      >appealing alternatives are the neographs "и̊" and "э̊".

      <ө> is at least used in the transcription of Ket (for the schwa, I think).
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