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202997Re: written language for dyslexics

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  • Dreugan Annam
    May 5, 2014
      Yikes! It is going to be hard to design a system that is resilient
      against so many possible permutations. Either symbol order or confusing
      similar symbols would be trivial to fix. Fixing both is quite an

      Good Luck

      On 05/05/2014 06:35 AM, Soraya O wrote:
      > Thanks for the recommendation, Raanan! That sounds like a great read, and
      > I'm definitely intrigued to check it out.
      > I can only speak from my own experience and hearsay, rather than one based
      > in linguistics (I work at an elementary school in Taiwan, teaching ESL):
      > I've noticed children with dyslexic tendencies (it's undiagnosed, so I
      > can't say with certainty) have been swapping out the radicals, which can
      > change the entire meaning of the word when they try to reproduce it in
      > writing. In the case of more simple characters--where a number of
      > radicals/symbols go into making one larger word--similar issues happen.
      > They also can confuse the word order. They can also confuse the similar
      > symbols, change the sequence of characters, change the stroke number to
      > make it that of a different symbol and therefore a different word. I've
      > noticed that such students also were said to have more difficulty with
      > distinguishing tones in Mandarin.
      > Again, take my observations with a grain of salt. It's nonetheless
      > fascinating for me in trying to teach English phonics for them and
      > occasionally seeing glimpses of their own native language issues.
      > On 5 May 2014 03:24, Dreugan Annam <dreugan.annam@...> wrote:
      >> I admit that I don't know much about dyslexia, so here are my questions:
      >> In languages like mandarin, with one symbol per word, do they then confuse
      >> word order? Is dyslexia always a confusion of order, or is it sometimes a
      >> confusion of similar symbols?

      -- Dreugan Annam
      /dr"Ogan a*anam/, at least, if my transcription and pronunciation are correct.
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