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202992Re: written language for dyslexics

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  • Dreugan Annam
    May 5, 2014
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      I admit that I don't know much about dyslexia, so here are my questions:
      In languages like mandarin, with one symbol per word, do they then
      confuse word order? Is dyslexia always a confusion of order, or is it
      sometimes a confusion of similar symbols?

      2014-05-01 21:54 GMT-05:00 Virginia Keys <virginiakeys@...>:
      >> I would be happy to try to make one. Since I am not dyslexic, I'll need
      >> more information on what to avoid or focus on. I have considered
      >> incorporating color or tactile variations into some of my scripts, but
      >> haven't gotten very far in that direction yet.
      >> --Virginia Keys

      -- Dreugan Annam
      /dr"Ogan a*anam/, at least, if my transcription and pronunciation are correct.
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