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202990Re: OT: teevee pronunciation query

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  • Raanan Robertson
    May 4, 2014
      I am a southern American (Texan, specifically) who does NOT pronounce TV
      with emphasis on the first syllable, however I think I'm familiar enough
      with the pronunciation you've mentioned. (My grandparents have deep
      southern accents.)

      From my observations, the second syllable ends more like teepee than happY.

      You may want to keep asking around for more input, though.

      2014-05-04 7:23 GMT-05:00 And Rosta <and.rosta@...>:

      > For those Americans (Southerners, I suppose) who (a) say TEEvee rather
      > than teeVEE (= TV, television) and (b) have a happY vowel with a distinctly
      > different quality from their FLEECE vowel, does TEEvee end in happY (in
      > which case it could be spelt <teevy>, rhyming with _Stevie_) or FLEECE (in
      > which case it could be spelt <tee-vee>, with the rhythm of _teepee_)?
      > --And.
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