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200840Re: THEORY: Don't speak my language!

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  • Leonardo Castro
    Feb 3, 2014
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      I just remember that the Paraguayan national soccer-football team
      sometimes use Paraguay as a "secret code" in international
      competitions, in order to hide their strategy from the other teams and
      from the press:


      As its results in competition in international competitions are not
      that good, I think it serves more to provide self-identity. And I
      don't think they don't want other people to speak Guarani, they just
      take advantage of the fact that most people can't understand them
      anyway. In fact, some of them hate that others don't know their
      language, just listen to the lyrics of this song in the beginning of
      this English-language Guarani course:

      "El que no conoce nuestro idioma Guaraní, que se j***!"

      (In Spanish, anyway, to be well understood.)


      --- change of subject ---

      Because of my work, I know a lot of Brazilians that are frequently in
      France and many of them speak some French but very little English. In
      spite of many people saying that French people don't like to speak
      English, I've heard many of them telling the same story about someone
      that switched to English when noted that they were not French, having
      no clue that they understand English even worse.

      In the laboratory where I am, there are some graduation students that
      arrive speaking only in English, but they are told "we talk to you in
      English for now, but you have to start a French course".


      Até mais!


      2014-02-03 Jeffrey Daniel Rollin-Jones <jeff.rollin@...>:
      > On 2 Feb 2014 20:59, "Thomas Ruhm" <thomas@...> wrote:
      >> Giving me advices is the best way to make me stop doing something.
      >> Once I read in an interesting article, that it would be much easier when
      > everybody would speak their own language, especially if they are very
      > similar, als in the given example German and Dutch. I always refuse to
      > speak English to Dutch people. My accent is so strong that they probably
      > would think, that I don't understand much English at all.
      > Maybe that's the answer to my problem above, Thomas! Of course it's partly
      > my fault since when I was studying German in Germany I didn't at any point
      > refuse to speak English or bargain not to with anyone who did! Everyone was
      > always unfailingly polite when I was there (barring one exception) but that
      > one incident cited above really bugged me and still does.
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