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200836Re: Type 3 Incorporation

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  • Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets
    Feb 3, 2014
      On 3 February 2014 08:52, Siva Kalyan <sivakalyan.princeton@...>wrote:

      > Let me note that “definiteness” and “activation”(/“givenness”) aren’t
      > quite the same thing. An active referent is (IIRC) necessarily expressed by
      > a definite nominal, but definite nominals can designate an inactive (“new”)
      > referent. See work by Wallace Chafe for more info.

      Very true. I should have made clear that this form of incorporation is like
      *one* of the uses of definiteness in English.

      > It does look like ASL classifiers! (I knew I had heard of some sort of
      > “semantically specific pronouns” before, but wasn’t sure where….)
      I wonder if the parallel has ever been made before. So far, ASL classifiers
      have always been described to me as this kind of alien pronoun-like thing
      that's completely different from anything found in spoken languages. It
      would be funny to find some feature of spoken languages that would actually
      be similar enough to them to be comparable :).
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