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199229Re: verb-less language, maybe

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  • qiihoskeh
    Oct 23, 2013
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      The new version (Oct19) reverses the morphosyntax of the original (Oct11), so that all clauses are Complement-Subject and phrases are Case-Determiner-Head-Modifiers. I've also eliminated grammaticalized plurals and pluractionality.

      Now I'm trying again to describe the various Tense-Aspect-Mood constructions (only partly morphological). I don't think my current description is comprehensible, so instead I'm posting an example for each TAM. In the following:

      Jaani = John
      -ntax = sing
      as literally = something commanded
      kee literally = something remembered
      poo literally = something predicted
      ma- makes the word an agent nominal
      ni- makes the word refer to the action, not a participant
      ko- = definite article
      se- = indefinite article (but referential)
      mi- = instrumental case

      mantax Jaani. present (= present durative)
      han mantax Jaani. imperfect (= past durative)
      xin mantax Jaani. future durative
      as nintax. imperative (immediate)
      as konintax. future imperative
      kee konintax miJaani. aorist (= past aoristic)
      poo konintax miJaani. future aoristic
      kee senintax miJaani. perfect (= present perfect)
      han kee senintax miJaani. pluperfect (= past perfect)
      xin kee senintax miJaani. future perfect
      poo senintax miJaani. present prospective
      han poo senintax miJaani. past prospective
      xin poo senintax miJaani. future prospective
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