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199225Re: Some Antic Space

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  • Brian Woodward
    Oct 22, 2013
      I'm looking more for words like "sarcasm" or "irony". Words that describe that type of dialogue, not the words that are used in that type of dialogue. I'm not so sure I'm being clear. Sorry.


      > Den 22/10/2013 kl. 08.57 skrev taliesin the storyteller <taliesin-conlang@...>:
      >> On 2013-10-22 02:02, Brian Woodward wrote:
      >> In a feeble attempt to grow my conlang's vocabulary I'm working on irony,
      >> sarcasm, and rhetoric. I'm looking for suggestions of words in English that
      >> might be involved with this semantic space. I would also appreciate words
      >> from other languages (nat or con) that relate to this semantic space,
      >> however, if a non-English word is presented I ask that an explanation of
      >> its meaning be definitively extrapolated.
      > For sarcasm, look at adverbs.
      > Sarcasm: Affirming and agreeing words like "indeed", "certainly",
      > "absolutely", "definitely", "of course", "naturally", "obviously" etc.
      > Some Norwegian contenders here are "selvsagt", SELF+SAID, which means,
      > approximately, "of course" and "nemlig", which affirms.
      > Taruven only has "keigah" for this job so far.
      > t.
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