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199210Re: Fwd: THEORY: Native languages of the Americas in popular music

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  • Leonardo Castro
    Oct 20, 2013
      2013/10/20 Padraic Brown <elemtilas@...>:
      > From: Leonardo Castro <leolucas1980@...>
      > [...]
      >> I'm not very familiar with the term "musical form",
      > Things like "jazz", "R&B", "soul", "swing", "rock", "pop", "rap", "techno".
      > Basically, all inventions of the 20th century.

      So, I can't see how "musical form" is different from "musical
      style/genre". I just remember that my violinist friend said that
      "form" is wider than "style".

      I wonder how common is for conlangers to create their own musical constyles.
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