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199206Re: Fwd: THEORY: Native languages of the Americas in popular music

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  • Padraic Brown
    Oct 19, 2013
      From: Leonardo Castro <leolucas1980@...>
      > Padraic Brown <elemtilas@...>:
      >> From: Leonardo Castro <leolucas1980@...>
      >>>>   it's *almost impossible* to sound bad rapping:
      >>> Isn't it a sign that it's easier to sing, after all?
      >> See my previous comment about rap music being horrid! :)
      > I had failed to understand if the "bad" in "bad rapping" means "bad in
      > my standards" or "bad in rappers's standards". In the first case, I
      > guess you meant that "bad" is a level above "horrid" and no rap reach
      > that level. In the second one, maybe you meant that raps are all the
      > same and so anything is good to their standards.

      Bad as in horrid. In other words, whether its done well or done poorly
      (and we've now heard examples of both), it's still quite horrid. But as
      with all things, de gustibus.

      >> Perhaps he was just being controversial. In my opinion, all sorts of
      >> different musical forms were created in the last century -- and all
      >> those different forms of music (rap included) are but faces (or
      >> voices) of the One Great Music.
      > I'm not very familiar with the term "musical form",

      Things like "jazz", "R&B", "soul", "swing", "rock", "pop", "rap", "techno".
      Basically, all inventions of the 20th century.

      >> Modern music seems to be far less interested in encouraging or

      >> nurturing real talent and far more interested in ratings, scandals,
      >> stupid people and market share. So, we end up being bombarded by
      >> utter crap and it's billed as "pop music".
      > Music is no more made by and for "musicophiles", just like wine is no
      > more made by and for enophiles.
      > Current successful singers are usually not composers, can't play
      > instruments, they are not "musicians". There are the professional
      > composers, the professional instrumentists and the singer must be
      > someone with a nice body and face. A professional but soulless art...

      Indeed. That is certainly a problem. Modern popular music, for all the
      millions it makes and for all the media exposure, is soulless crap. But,
      this is what is celebrated in American culture anymore, and it is what
      we export to everyone else.

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