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198159Re: How Mentolatian Whisks Away All its Consonants

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  • Virginia Keys
    Jul 20, 2013
      On Wed, 17 Jul 2013 20:11:10 -0700, Padraic Brown <elemtilas@...> wrote:


      Voiceless dentals go yer ways,
          see yez in some oblique case!

      Ablaut and Umlaut came to play,
           a > ə, e > ae, u > o > naught!
      Mentolatian likes to take the nom. pl. of a noun and use that as a root
      for a semantically extended series of nouns. For example, we have the
      word dazg (house, roof, covering) whose plural is jí (from old dəzgí).
      This plural becomes a new root, j- and can form a new word with a
      common nominal stem, -un. Hence, jun, cloth. The plural of cloth, jní,
      plus a different nominal stem, -aru, gives us sinaru, clothing. The plural
      of clothing, snáer, yields a common word for a suit or wardrobe of
      clothing, sneres. Finally, the plural of suits, zrəzí, plus a curious little
      combining root, -sd (place where), gives us erzed, an armoir or dresser.

      So, where the heck did dazg- go off to???


      Haha, nice! I find your post particularly interesting, as I had been trying to think of ways to grow families of words from roots. Food for thought!

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