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196860Re: Conaccents.

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  • Leonardo Castro
    May 16 8:55 AM
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      2013/5/16 George Marques de Jesus <georgemjesus@...>:
      > 2013/5/16 Leonardo Castro <leolucas1980@...>
      >> BTW, by "conaccent" I mean also accents created to speak natlangs,
      >> including one's own native language. For instance, my sister has
      >> conciously changed some features of her Brazilian Portuguese
      >> pronunciation that she disliked, although everybody around her spoke
      >> that way. In her (and my) native accent, there's an intrusive /i/ in
      >> words like "mas" and "trĂªs" _ [mais] and [treis] _ but she now
      >> pronounces them as [mas] and [tres]. It's maybe more a matter of
      >> influence of orthography/origin than pronunciation prestige, because
      >> the most widely-broadcast accent (Rio de Janeiro) has [maiS] and
      >> [treiS].
      > I do the same, I avoid that extra /i/ in speech, though I never thought of
      > it as a "conaccent"

      Well, there's some extrapolation in calling it this way, but a
      concious process involving many changes like this could be properly
      considered as a conaccent. Sometimes, I read texts in Portuguese "how
      it's written", that is, no [o] and [e] reduction to [u] and [i], no
      palatization of [d]'s and [t]'s before i, etc., but people always
      think that I'm just mimic Gaucho accent...

      > George Marques
      > http://georgemarques.com.br
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