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195283Re: On Creating Altlangs

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  • BPJ
    Feb 22, 2013
      On 2013-02-22 13:16, Roman Rausch wrote:
      >> All engelangs I've seen have some sort of 'aesthetic coherence', as does the Black Speech which Tolkien meant to reflect his idea of ugliness
      > Does it really, though? He himself calls it "very different from Elvish, yet organized and expressive, as would be expected of a device of Sauron before his complete corruption" (PE17:11) which sounds quite positive.
      > I would say that the negative connotations with the Black Speech in Middle-earth are cultural: It is, after all, the language of the great enemy who wants to destroy and enslave the known world. I also do not find it ugly: Phonetically it's well-balanced, you could do much better if you really wanted to make a language ugly - weird consonant clusters, an excess of a certain sound type, glottal stops in the unlikeliest of places to make you choke - you name it.

      I couldn't agree more, but look up his description of his
      intentions with BS -- in "Letters" I think, which I don't
      have at hand. My own Sohlob is definitely much more similar
      to BS than to the Eldarin languages, yet it has no 'evil'
      connotations within its setting at all -- as if a language
      could be inherently good or evil, which I don't think
      JRRT thought. He made a point of pointing out that Morgoth
      was a skilled omniglot too BTW!

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