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195241Re: On Creating Altlangs

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  • James Kane
    Feb 20, 2013
      > One will notice that the Romansch dialects have similarly
      > been influenced by the high German dialects spoken in
      > contiguous areas, and the Moorish influence in Spanish is
      > noticeable.
      > I admit Romanian is interesting, but I don't think any more
      > or less remarkable than most other Romancelangs (personally
      > I find the Reto-romance and the Sardinian dialects more
      > interesting). I fail to understand how a living language
      > can be "almost a real life altlang."

      'What if Latin survived in the Balkan sprachbund?'

      Probably what I really mean is that Romanian is interesting in its evolution and divergence.

      Of course a language cannot be a real world example of an altlang, but it could certainly be used as an example of language changes that make a language unique in that it is not quite Balkan or Slavic or Greek but influenced by all of these and quite far from the other Romance languages in terms of its irregular plurals and noun case and postposed definite article etc. one could say that about all the Romance languages - the Rhaeto-Romance languages obviously show similar divergence - or even all languages in the world, but real-life languages are where conlangers get their inspiration from so I see no problem in drawing analogues to certain types of conlangs.
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