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195227Re: On Creating Altlangs

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  • Roger Mills
    Feb 19, 2013
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      --- On Tue, 2/19/13, James Kane <kanejam@...> wrote:
      Romanian is almost a real life altlang and IMO quite a cool language. It doesn't have an identical phonology to the surrounding Balkan or Slavic languages, nor did it go through the same sound changes but it is obviously influenced by them and different enough from the other Romance languages (while still obviously Romance) without resembling greatly any other language.

      Indeed. Years ago, when I was in Rome, I listened to Radio Vatican a lot (good music!). Then they'd have broadcasts in various languages....One was obviously Romance, but nothing I was familiar with. Maybe Catalan?? But noooo-- it was Romanian !!

      General question: what's the "etymology" of _bogolang_? bogus??? It's new to me. Incidentally I find "glosarch" a perfectly good formation--- after all, we have autarch (Gene Wolfe's books), heresiarch and a few others (tetrarch IIRC, what's that?), hardly in wide circulation.
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