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195215Re: On Creating Altlangs

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  • James Kane
    Feb 18, 2013
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      I have done a Vulgar Latin descended from proto-Germanic which isn't too bad because the cases and tenses of proto-Germanic collapse nicely, but there was a bit of tempering of the phonology.

      Obviously altlangs are much more interesting to do but bogolangs are good for beginners who wish to explore diachronic sound changes without as much effort.

      On 19/02/2013, at 9:58 AM, And Rosta <and.rosta@...> wrote:

      > R A Brown, On 18/02/2013 13:58:
      >> Every so often I think if I ever the time, I might try to
      >> produce what I think a modern British Romancelang would be
      >> like;
      > If you ever do find the time, I'll read the results with great interest.
      > My first guess, made from a position of near-ignorance on my part, is that it would be rather like northern French. If that guess is along the right lines, then a further question would be in what ways it might be expected to differ from northern French.
      > --And.
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