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193935META: Off-topicness (Was: Consonant clusters)

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  • Larry Sulky
    Dec 30, 2012
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      J.M., I started a new thread for your meta-discussion. (At least, I hope
      so. I've changed the subject of this post on the assumption that that will
      do the trick.)

      As I look back through the original thread, I see there was some (as it
      turned out) side discussion between Patrick and me for a couple of rounds,
      then Patrick reiterated the main point of his question, after which there
      were four trailing posts on the side topic before Patrick laid down the
      law. There were no more off-topic posts from that point on, perhaps because
      someone kindly created a side thread when it was clear that that was
      Patrick's preference. So trailing on for four short posts after a
      reiteration of the main point, and zero trailers after a firm
      clarification, doesn't really seem so bad. It seems to me that that's about
      the way these things should work. And it doesn't seem at all strange to me
      that threads might go off topic as people analyse (not criticise) the
      premise of a question.

      -- larry

      On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 10:39 AM, J. M. DeSantis <jmd@...> wrote:

      > Patrick,
      > As Adam and a few others have stated, I do feel bad this question got off
      > topic. If I had any knowledge on the subject, I would certainly pass it
      > along your way, without any trouble. And, at risk of adding one more
      > unrelated message to a topic that has not stayed on topic this whole time,
      > I find this is too often the case with the List; people criticising and
      > analysing your question rather than answering it. Strange for a list that
      > was, in part, set up to assist people in their linguistic pursuits. This
      > "hypmotize" thing is one of the worst examples I've seen.
      > People might not like what I've said, and truly it's not everyone on this
      > list who is guilty (indeed there are some very helpful people on the list),
      > but, well, there it is.
      > Sincerely,
      > J. M. DeSantis
      > Writer - Illustrator
      > Official Website: jmdesantis.com <http://www.jmdesantis.com>
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