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192019Re: the gripping language on a string instrument?

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  • Herman Miller
    Nov 1, 2012
      On 10/31/2012 9:03 PM, Sam Stutter wrote:
      >> From a (not very good) violist's point of view:
      > I would say: not a bowed instrument (unfortunately). Chords aren't
      > strictly possible, although I might suggest attack and decay, note
      > length or legato/staccato for knuckledness.
      > These chords: are they going to be governed by harmony? You might end
      > up with a high number of Belgian Jazz moments...
      > Instruments: I wish I could say viola (mmm... mellow), but I don't
      > think it's viable. Or my favourite instrument in the world, the
      > nykleharpa. NOT CELLO. (There's a bit of cello-viola animosity in
      > most orchestras!). Unfortunately, I must say uke' is probably your
      > best bet.

      One problem with the ukulele is the tuning (typically G-C-E-A, all in
      the same octave). With the open strings all tuned within a small range,
      it's hard to tell one string from another. A mandolin (tuned like a
      violin, G-D-A-E, with 4 pairs of 2 strings each) might be a better option.
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