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191308Re: Kosher

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    Oct 4, 2012
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      Douglas Koller wrote:

      > My non-native sense is that shi2pin3 is prepared, packaged
      > food ("pin3" having that "product-y" feel to it) while shi2wu4
      > is just a word for "food". If there's anything along the
      > essen/fressen divide, it's not springing to mind, but I'll leave
      > that to Eugene. Kou

      My co-worker who was born and raised in Beijing says you are
      exactly correct. Shi2wu4 is any kind of food in general, but
      shi2pin3 is prepared food. She says an apple and apple sauce
      are both shi2wu4, but only the apple sauce is shi2pin3.

      --Ph. D.
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