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189272Re: Honeymoons (and other conlang related wedding stuff)

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  • Matthew Turnbull
    Jul 3, 2012
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      @ Daniel: congratulations! Jorayn speaking people have temporary mariages
      that have to be renewed every year and that typically would happen in
      summer. Thrre wouldn't really be a honeymoon, so I suspect they would call
      the honey moon either lun da miiyel or some kind of calque.

      @Roger: Winnipeg used to have a really, really nice world class beach a
      couple hours away...and stuff is really cheap here I guess. I don't think
      it's normally any cooler here than in South Dakota in June (wikipedia seems
      to agree) but maybe I underestimate the heat in South Dakota.
      On 2012-06-30 1:04 PM, "Daniel Burgener" <burgener.daniel@...> wrote:

      > So, I got married last Saturday and just returned from my honeymoon. :)
      > The maid of honor purchased for my wife and I towels that say "his" and
      > "hers" in our group conlang, Brenjak, and immediately after the ceremony
      > one of my groomsmen congratulated us with:
      > "pakunku'o iv la'op"
      > 2.pl-go-imp-eternal associated-with joy
      > He translated it as "Go forward eternally with joy", which is a fair
      > translation, although "iv" conveys a more close association than "with",
      > it's more of an "associated with", as though people would say "oh, Daniel,
      > he's the joyful one".
      > Anyways, while I was on my honeymoon, it got me thinking about what word to
      > use for "honeymoon" in Brenjak. The "conculture" of the lang is my and my
      > friends, so we definitely should have a word for that concept, but I don't
      > have much in the way of thoughts about coining one. This leads me to a
      > question: What are your cultures wedding traditions (if you have
      > marriage), particularly related to any sort of "honeymoon" concept? If you
      > have such a concept, what "word" or "words" do you use to describe it?
      > -Daniel
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