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189266Re: Honeymoons (and other conlang related wedding stuff)

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  • Douglas Koller
    Jul 1, 2012
      > Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012 14:04:00 -0400
      > From: burgener.daniel@...
      > Subject: Honeymoons (and other conlang related wedding stuff)
      > To: CONLANG@...

      > So, I got married last Saturday and just returned from my honeymoon. :)


      > question: What are your cultures wedding traditions (if you have
      > marriage), particularly related to any sort of "honeymoon" concept? If you
      > have such a concept, what "word" or "words" do you use to describe it?

      Of the languages I'm familiar with, there seems to be a whole lot of calquing going on since this is a relatively new concept, and a trip to Wiki seems to bear this out. And so the Géarthnuns word will be "uspíetöirhíans", the calque of "honey-moon". Many languages also seem to have another word for the concept of the wedding trip, so we'll add that, too:
      "araupímaths." I suppose, in a pinch, one could also throw in "haunímuns" or "hönímuns" if one wanted to say where it came from, or for humorous effect, but I shan't rush to add that to the lexicon.

      Dutch, Norwegian, and, Danish seem to have white bread flitting about in the concept -- wonder what that's about (thrown about like rice?). And speaking of flitting, under the German "Flitterwochen", they mention that it's not related to "sequins", although that would make honeymoons absolutely FABulous, but that it's from an older term "gevlitter" meaning "heimliches Lachen", which I originally took to mean "homely laughter". When I looked up "heimlich" in the dictionary, however, I found it meant "secret(ive)". "Secretive laughter" sounds to me like newlywed tee-hee-heeing under the covers during the honeymoon. Still, I do like the notion of "homely laughter" and that will be a new Géarthnuns word. Less pressing would be a word for tee-hee-heeing under the covers, but that's a fun concept, too -- it could happen.

      Meanwhile, I don't know if there is *any* connection, but one of the Czech words for 'honeymoon' is "líbánky", which reminds me of "libum". That word came into Géarthnuns a while ago as "líbuns" and I wanted to have libums (or liba?) in the Géarthtörs culture like the Japanese have もち (mochi), perhaps in a pile at New Year's (Google "libum" and there's a nice picture of a few with some bay leaves (à la kagami mochi with orange and greenery) -- one day I will try my hand at making these). But since it's a honey-based cake, why not *also* have that kick off the honeymoon with a snort of mead ("uspíetemníaks")? That's as far forward as I've moved the idea.

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