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189261Re: Honeymoons (and other conlang related wedding stuff)

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  • Daniel Burgener
    Jul 1, 2012
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      > Congratulations! I got married on the 8th and returned on the 15th. It
      > is most pleasant.



      Thanks! And congratulations to you as well, Logan!

      Similarly, the "conculture" of Mev Pailom is me and my now-wife, but I
      > also completely missed out on creating an expression for "honeymoon".
      > I suppose because it didn't really seem particularly necessary. We
      > just kind of went on a trip and talked about the things that we were
      > doing on the trip without actually giving the whole time period a
      > name.
      > Actually, the development of the language as a whole has been
      > unexpectedly stalled; I was hoping we'd have more time to work on it
      > once wedding stuff was over with, but real life seems to have had
      > other plans and we fell out of using it for casual conversation.

      Yeah, wedding stuff did the exact same thing to us.... It's a busy time.

      Gwr marriages are more like ours, always M+F, and they have a honeymoon
      > period called _jung (lo) tèy (hi-falling)_ [dZuN tæj] 'sweet month'. The
      > couple will usually be acquainted, but definitely not sexually intimate.
      > They avoid weddings in the winter, because of the cold and difficult
      > travel, but wealthy people might go south to one of the Kash nations where
      > it would be warm. In the summer, the couple might go to the mountains. I
      > don't think there's an equivalent of Niagara Falls :-)))
      > Prevli marriages, unlike the Kash, are mostly religious, carried out by a
      > shaman, and are M+F.The couple may or may not be acquainted (arranged
      > marriages were once the rule, but are less common now) and probably not
      > sexually intimate. They might go to one of the larger Kash town nearby, or
      > many just go camp out in the forest for a while. Although they've had very
      > little contact with the Gwr, they use the same term: shurak yulkü 'month
      > sweet'.

      Interesting! Is the honeymoon period a month long? That sounds pretty
      nice to me... :)
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