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185427Re: Help in constructing new language

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  • Logan Kearsley
    Jan 1, 2012
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      On 1 January 2012 01:53, MorphemeAddict <lytlesw@...> wrote:
      > All of Europe uses one basic writing system, yet nobody considers all the
      > various languages of Europe as mere dialects of some one language.

      Yes, but that has little to do with how a non-European culture might
      classify things.

      > the languages [of India] are still too distinct and different to be considered just
      > one language, except especially Hindi and Urdu, which are rather close.

      From an objective, linguistics-oriented, point of view, that's true.
      But if the linguistically-naive speakers of those languages are of the
      opinion that a language "doesn't count" unless it does have it's own
      script, stating that that it does is not going to change that
      sociological reality.
      So, it is entirely plausible that using a different script may give a
      language sufficient prestige to promote its adoption to overcome the
      slight additional difficulty of learning a new writing system.

      Apart from the realm of auxlanging, that's kind of a neat idea to keep
      in mind for doing language-contact stuff in diachronic conlanging.

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