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  • R A Brown
    Jun 5, 2011
      On 02/06/2011 08:07, Ray Brown wrote:
      >> The earliest use [of the term auxlang'] I see occurs in
      >> this mail:
      >> Date: Tue, 3 Nov 92 16:26:12 +0100 From: Lars Henrik
      >> Mathiesen<thorinn@...> To: conlang@...
      >> Subject: conlang vs. world language projects.
      >> I am well aware that there are others on this list
      >> whose interests are mainly in IALs, and for whom
      >> discussions of artlangs and research langs may be
      >> unwelcome distractions. (I sometimes get the
      >> impression that they even feel them to be deliberate
      >> obstructions.) Perhaps it is time to create an auxlang
      >> list? <<<
      > Also I had always understood that auxlang was set because
      > other conlangers didn't like auxlangers quarrels and
      > wanted them to take them elsewhere; but Lars' letter
      > shows that, in case at least, it was auxlangers who were
      > moved to start a separate list because discussions on
      > artlangs and "research langs" were getting in the way of
      > the serious matter of a world language :)

      I've been looking at these old archive in the last few -
      they bring back memories. This morning I was reading the
      early emails on Folkspaak :)

      But I ought to remove the smiley above. I discovered it is
      only too apparent that the great sundering between Conlang
      and Auxlang was precisely because other conlangers didn't
      like auxlangers quarrels and wanted them to take them
      elsewhere. Lars' offer of 1992 was not taken up and the list
      remained united until the beginning of 1996. But December
      1995 had not shown much Christmas Spirit. A pro-Esperanto ~
      Anti-Esperanto war was raging and getting more bitter.

      On Monday 15th Jan. 1996 Lars wrote:
      "This has certainly been a busy weekend. I think I will
      repeat something that I have said before: I would personally
      prefer for discussions of the merits of various
      conlangs as auxlangs(*) to be held elsewhere. And that goes
      thrice for discussions of the IAL idea/cause and the history
      of IAL movements.

      My offer to run an AUXLANG mailing list on this server still

      When Lars wrote "This has certainly been a busy weekend", he
      was being polite. The volume of traffic had reached
      proportions that we would not tolerate now; and Esperantine
      war continued to generate heavy traffic so the on the _next
      day_, Lars announced:
      This is politics. I guess I don't like politics.

      This is not specific to Esperanto, or to Euroclones for that
      But the concept of an IAL is political, and many
      Euroclones---many of Esperantos direct competitors---were
      conceived as IALs. Other types of political statements have
      been put to the list at times:

      Creating a new list: A number of the more prolific
      participants in the current debate have indicated that they
      would cooperate in moving it to a new list. Some
      non-participants have told me that they do not
      think a split is necessary, but on the other hand I have
      been seeing a number of people leave because of the sudden
      volume. On the balance, I think it is a good idea.

      The name AUXLANG: the general readership of CONLANG can be a
      little critical towards projects with high purpose and
      little substance. On one such occasion, I offered to set up
      AUXLANG as a place for people who share the basic goal of
      getting an interlanguage adopted.

      So, by administrative fiat and without further ado, the
      AUXLANG list is born. Subscribe by sending the message

      subscribe auxlang

      Then things got a bit better....

      It has also been interesting seeing emails about the
      technical problems in those largely ASCII-bound days of
      portraying diacritics in emails.

      There was a nostalgia reading some of the old names there :)

      Nid rhy hen neb i ddysgu.
      There's none too old to learn.
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