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180280Re: Missing archives?

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  • Jim Henry
    Jun 1, 2011
      On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 5:49 AM, R A Brown <ray@...> wrote:
      > On 01/06/2011 09:53, And Rosta wrote:
      >> Are you planning to also track down the first use of
      >> 'auxlang'? That must surely have been coined on Conlang
      >> list too, unless in that instance too the listname
      >> created the term.

      > Good point - I hadn't, but I ought to if I want to get things as accurately
      > as possible. I guess it was coined on the Conlang list before the "great
      > sundering." Hopefully, the name will occur in those early archives.

      The earliest use I see occurs in this mail:

      Date: Tue, 3 Nov 92 16:26:12 +0100
      From: Lars Henrik Mathiesen <thorinn@...>
      To: conlang@...
      Subject: conlang vs. world language projects.

      I am well aware that there are others on this list whose interests are
      mainly in IALs, and for whom discussions of artlangs and research
      langs may be unwelcome distractions. (I sometimes get the impression
      that they even feel them to be deliberate obstructions.) Perhaps it is
      time to create an auxlang list?

      > I guess I ought to try to track down the first use of _artlang_ and see if
      > it was from "art language" or more specifically Tolkien's "art-language" (or
      > even "artistic language", though I'm sure that is mistaken).  But I suspect
      > it dates from the "missing years."  :(

      It's attested in a message on Halloween 1992 by John Chalmers. He
      seems to use the term as though his readers already know it.

      > Did nobody archive any conlang correspondence during those "missing years"?

      I did, but not systematically or for very long; there are a few
      threads from mid-1996 on my conlang website.

      Jim Henry
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