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180275Re: Missing archives?

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  • And Rosta
    Jun 1, 2011
      R A Brown, On 01/06/2011 07:10:
      > In particular, I would like to find the email in which Claudio Gnoli proposed his triangle.

      I think, on the basis of very hazy memory, that it might have been in his webpages on conlanging, not necessarily on Conlang List.

      > BTW it is clear that the term _conlang_ was already established by 1991. Does anyone know when the term first made its appearance or who coined it?

      I am certain that the term derives from (a -- perhaps unreflective -- reanalysis of) the name of the list, so either it would be the first use in the archives or, if it seems that everybody is using the term from the outset, then it must date from the brief period before the listservization of the list. Given the name of the list, it is only a short and natural step to apply the list name to the concept 'conlang'.

      Are you planning to also track down the first use of 'auxlang'? That must surely have been coined on Conlang list too, unless in that instance too the listname created the term.

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