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176505Re: Just For Fun: A 30-Day Conlang

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  • Peter Bleackley
    Nov 2, 2010
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      staving Gary Shannon:
      > Since all of my previous conlangs (with the exception of a reverse
      > Polish experiment) have been SVO, my first executive decision in
      > creating my new, unamed 30-day conlang is that it will have VOS word
      > order so that I won't be tempted to borrow from any of my older
      > grammars.
      > In fact, after playing with English glosses I settled on this basic
      > sentence structure:
      > VPOTS
      > V = verb, only exists in the present tense
      > P = zero or more prepositional phrases
      > O = optional direct object (if verb is transitive)
      > T = tense modifying aux/particle
      > S = subject
      > So there would English glosses like:
      > Give to Mary the book did John.
      > Climb the tree will my cat.
      > Run has-been-doing the dog.
      Sounds like Yoda, it does.

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