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176501Re: Just For Fun: A 30-Day Conlang

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  • Gary Shannon
    Nov 1, 2010
      FWIW: The first day's translation is done:

      Miro kinta ka'anui susa ne ban khanu, kho byano matawika luyatu ne
      ka'anui opa hali. Dota edo mapona sofalia yamu a majamosa lela mapona
      amalu ia raharu ne hali. Vago rabasui muza ka'anui dona hali, kho edo
      jamosa xumbia hake dona maya. Bosio kiza futanui dona hali a bosio
      hayatui opa dozan pelu, luken pelu, a uradu ai sopekui dona maya. Edo
      tepira dekaru dona piata wakiri a xunga dumuru ai piata kuzia sumpi.

      These people also were cave-dwellers, but their caves showed the
      result of a higher intelligence that brought them a step nearer to
      civilized man than the tribe next "toward the beginning." The
      interiors of their caverns were cleared of rubbish, though still far
      from clean, and they had pallets of dried grasses covered with the
      skins of leopard, lynx, and bear, while before the entrances were
      barriers of stone and small, rudely circular stone ovens.

      There are interlinears and a complete English-to-X and X-to-English
      lexicon on my web page: http://fiziwig.com/conlang/thirty_day.html

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